The Close Encounters Conference is Australia’s biggest National conference exploring the topic of multiple dimensions, the extraterrestrials from these dimensions, other planets or star systems and their role in the evolution of human consciousness.  As Organisers of the Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference, this is a natural progression of the exploration of consciousness.  We hope to see you at the 2nd Close Encounters Conference!

It is being held at the Aanuka Beach Resort, 11 Firman Drive, Coffs Harbour NSW  2450.

You can’t beat attending a live event, especially an energy-based conference such as the Close Encounters Conference.  Here are some great reasons why it is so satisfying to come along to a Conference in person, as opposed to an online event.

1. Meet Experts Face to Face

Take the opportunity to meet with our speakers, whether it’s taking a selfie with someone who’s inspired you, making a connection that can lead to finding your next mentor or simply asking for some feedback about your own ideas.

2. Networking Opportunities

No matter how easy it is to ‘connect’ over social media, there is nothing like meeting someone in real life!  Take the opportunities to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, lunch, or drinks, you may make a connection with the perfect provider or prospect. At a break you may find yourself having a conversation with someone who turns out to be a great collaborator.  Our past conferences have seen all types of collaborative projects sparked by strangers who never would have got things off the ground if they hadn’t met at our Conference.

3. New Tools

At our exhibitors’ tables, you may find practitioners, courses, products and groups that you don’t know about or whom are offering special discounts, freebies or opportunities that wouldn’t be available to non-delegates.

4. Greater Focus

It can be easy to get caught on YouTube watching interesting videos and learn amazing things, all in the comfort of your trackie daks. Often though, you are also doing work, surfing the net or making dinner at the same time.  Attending a live event gives you 100% focus to hear the speaker and retain the information.

5. The Energy of Likeminded Individuals

There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people – other people who are willing to take time away from their lives to learn something new and awaken themselves and/or others. You will certainly discover that you are not alone in your beliefs, ideas and experiences.  For some of you, attending this event will be the first time you can discuss matters that you have never been able to talk to others about.

6. Synchronicity at Play

Some of the best experiences in life can be at times when you had no idea about what to expect.  This is certainly the case when attending a seminar or workshop on a whim and discover it turns out to be perfect synchronicity – the message you needed to hear, the person you needed to meet sitting next to you, the speaker that said one sentence that changed your life.  These are often the moments that needed to be discovered through the serendipity of a live event.

7. Invest In Yourself

When you purchase that conference ticket you are investing in your own growth.  It’s admitting that you’re worth it. It’s admitting that you still have things to learn. That you can get better.  Taking the time to do something for yourself is often not something you do – family, friends and work are usually put ahead of your own interests.  Take the time to do something that makes your soul happy.

8. Learning In a New Space

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, sitting in the same chair, doing the same routine can stifle fresh thinking and new ideas. Breaking out of the norm, sitting in a new space, can spark new approaches and get you thinking outside of the box, even if you think you know it all, have heard it all before, it’s amazing how when you hear a message from a different person, in a different way, can be a great reminder, and set you on a new course of action.

9. Sharpen the Saw

Stephen Covey lists ‘sharpening the saw’ as his seventh habit of highly effective people.  The idea is that sometimes you have to take a break from the ‘work’ of your work to sharpen your skills. A dull axe won’t cut a tree nearly as effectively as a sharp one.  You will always return from a conference with new ideas and approaches that can applied to the way you live, work and relate to the world.

10. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Live events force you to break out of your comfort zone.  It’s easy to read a blog post from the privacy of your own home or office. You don’t have to make small talk while your YouTube video loads up.  Apart from a few natural networkers, going to a Conference or workshop for most people can be a challenge. But, as you know, the magic happens OUTSIDE the comfort zone!  If the thought of coming on your own is truly terrifying, let us know and we can line you up with a buddy or a Conference Angel to hold your hand.

11. Have Fun!

Our Conferences are fun! Live events with other people are fun! It can be difficult having conversations out in the ‘real world’ with people, but at a Conference, a simple ‘How did you like that seminar?’ can open up to some amazing connections and even more amazing friendships. We have great giveaways, lucky door prizes, meditations, music and all manner of add-ons that you simply need to come along to experience.

12. Holiday at the same time!

Whilst it can seem that attending a National Conference like the Close Encounters Conference can add up your expenses, from the plane ticket, hotel bills to the meals the pros well outweigh the cons.  There is no value to be placed on the memories, the energy and the buzz of a National conference.  With delegates attending from all over the country and having the opportunity to see international speakers up close and personal all at the one event, it is actually a very unique opportunity that will never be repeated again.  Plus, located in a coastal, tourist location you can bring your family, have morning walks on the beach and finish off your evenings with a drink on your balcony in the balmy night air.  What a great way of combining business and pleasure!

This conference is for…

Abductees, UFO and ET researchers, alternative practitioners,  mystics, spiritualists, scientific and spiritual sceptics, philosophers, mediums, psychics, lightworkers, energy healers, teachers, shamans, and the general public.

Conference Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a platform for speakers to inspire, educate and deliver thought-provoking presentations and workshops
  • To assist attendees to prepare for disclosure and ET contact
  • To remove the dogma and taboo of this subject
  • To highlight the fact that we are existing in a reality with alien contact
  • To guide and offer support to attendees through their own encounters/abductions
  • To discover the various types of encounters and species
  • To validate and provide scientific and empirical evidence of ET existence
  • To explore the possibilities of consciousness across the multiverse in other dimensions and with other beings
  • To facilitate an arena for networking and learning amongst likeminded people