Virginia Jones

  • Virginia Jones

    Transformational Life Coach. Life after Bereavement Coach

    The Cosmic Gift - Human Frequency upgrade and cellular Activation

    Virginia Jones will share the Cosmic Gift which will trigger cellular memory, activate your dormant DNA and awaken your frequency, to receive more cosmic light. After receiving this you will feel lighter, more open, expansive in your cellular consciousness, more connected to nature, the Earths frequency, the quantum field and the cosmic heart. Life will be filled with possibilities = for you are much more than you realise.

    Virginia has been working with many Galactic beings for several years now. She has had her DNA activated and receives downloads of new light energy and coding which she calls activations – a ‘Galactic Gift’.

    Virginia’s Galactic Gift was gifted to her by the Galactics, so that she could fully awaken into her mission here on planet Earth. She has been called to share The Galactic Gift with others.

    She has been sharing in her private healing practice for several years but now feels she needs to share the Galactic Gift enmasse and get herself out of the cosmic closet.

    It is time for us all to awaken our gifts, step into our mission and be the power we hold within.

    Don’t miss out on this experiential, personal and powerful presentation.

    About Virginia

    Ginny is a natural born Psychic, ever since she can remember she has been able to sense energy, throughout her childhood she has had unseen visitors who mainly visited at night, Ginny has from young been able to speak a coded language that she now knows to be light coded language.

    Renowned in the fields of spirituality and mysticism, Ginny taps into a wealth of knowledge in health, energy medicine and consciousness, She is a medical intuitive who gets to the source of the emotional interference, Ginny offers a diverse array of programs devoted to РPersonal development, High Frequency Healing, DNA Activation, Soul Rescue, Paranormal investigation and guidance using the Tarot Cards. Using her natural born psychic gifts and Guidance from her team of divine spiritual and Galactic beings Ginny maintains a national and international schedule, helping many people along the way.

    Ginny was one of the featured psychics on the cover of 2016 UNITED STATES BEST, MOST HONEST AND MOST POPULAR PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS AND LIGHTWORKERS.

    Ginny co hosted Healers United Global Summit, helping other healers around the world share their gifts. Ginny has also been a guest on several Radio shows.

    Devoted to her work, open hearted and caring, she has a natural ability to uplift others, as she shines her soul light out as a guiding light.