Close Encounters Conference 2017

15-16 January

Byron Community Centre
Byron Bay, Northern NSW

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Welcome to the 2017

“To suppose that Earth is the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd
as to believe that in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain will grow.”
Metrodorus of Chios 4th century B.C.

Venue: Byron Community Centre, Byron Bay (Northern NSW)

Dates: Sun 15 and Mon 16 January 2017 (plus special events)

What is the truth about UFO reality?

Who is visiting us and why?

What do these intelligences really want with us?

What happens during encounters on space craft?

What involvement does the military have with reverse engineered craft and abductions?

What do the star children say about their experiences and why do they say they are here to help humanity?

Ever since the famous Roswell crash in New Mexico in 1947, the UFO subject has been highly classified.  Those who tried to reveal the truth were threatened. In spite of the secrecy embargo, many credible witnesses like pilots, the military, astronauts and others have come forward to reveal what they have seen or experienced and in the process we, the public, have become very much wiser.

Science now admits there are multiple dimensions and that we could be visited by extraterrestrials from these dimensions as well as from other planets or star systems.

Today UFOs are reported here in Australia and world-wide every six minutes.

Along with sightings, there is a vast agenda of contact by various ET species which has being going on for millennia, some of it for the purpose of educating the human species, while other species interbreed with us and are producing a hybrid race which they keep on their craft. Often this contact follows several generations of the same families.

The Inaugural Close Encounters Conference will bring together these world leading keynote speakers – Dr Robert Davis ( USA );  Rosemary Ellen Guiley ( USA ) and  Mary Rodwell ( AUS ) who are all Board members of F.R.E.E ( The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for the Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters).

Additionally, other ufology experts and authorities from around Australia will be presenting on a variety of fascinating topics

We are also holding special events and workshops including My Alien Abduction and Up Close and Personal with James Bartley.  Our keynote speakers will hold an interactive panel discussing the landmark study into ET contact that is being undertaken by F.R.E.E.

If you remember as a child looking up into the night sky, longing to see a sign of someone else out there, then this conference is for you.  We are not alone and have never been alone.

The truth is out there and we are bringing it to you!

THE 3rd Afterlife Explorers Conference –  SIDE BY SIDE WITH THE Close Encounters CONFERENCE IN BYRON BAY 2017!

What’s the meaning of life?
What happens to us after we die?
Do we have a soul that survives our physical death?
Are we really spiritual beings just having a physical experience?

Since the dawn of time, man and woman have been searching for the answer to these very questions.

ae_logo_v2_white small 400px

The 3rd Afterlife Conference will bring together survival experts to share their research and knowledge on afterlife science, spirituality, survival evidence and altered states of consciousness.

Presentations will cover near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs); after-death communication; mediumship; past life regression therapy; life between lives, grief and bereavement, multidimensional realities; consciousness studies and much more!

The Afterlife Conference is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet up with fellow soul travellers as you participate in inspiring, informative and mind-bending presentations and specialist workshops.

The 3rd Afterlife Explorers Conference is being held at the Byron Community Centre, 69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia from 13-14 January 2017 with post-conference workshops on Monday, 16 January 2017.  Visit the website for more information.

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Inspirational Speakers

Find out more about our keynote speakers Dr Robert Davis, a neuroscientist, research and author; Mary Rodwell a world leader in the exploration of ‘Star Seed’ children and their role in awakening human consciousness; and Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of 60 books on metaphysical, paranormal and unexplained phenomena.

We are honoured to also present passionate experts sharing their incredible knowledge in our showcase of speakers for 2017.

Our Program

This conference has been designed to provide our attendees with the most thought provoking national conference examining the true nature of the multidimensional nature of universe. Enjoy this unique opportunity to network with like-minded people and participate in a variety of workshops and educational seminars. Our January 2017 our program is diverse and interesting!

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Featured Video

On a regular basis we will be posting a variety of inspirational interviews and documentaries. We certainly hope that these informative videos will give you food for thought.

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